5 Great Gadgets Every 5th Wheel Owner Should Have

In this day and age we’re constantly bombarded with innovative technology to help simplify our lives, and lucky for you, cool new gadgets are being delivered to the RV market regularly.  Here, we’ll outline 5 gadgets that every 5th Wheel owner should have.

  1.      RV Specific GPS – If you’re taking long trips it’s really important to have a good GPS system to help navigate. The thing of it is, your Google Maps app on your phone or the Garmin you bought at Best Buy isn’t going to do the trick for someone hauling a 35 foot trailer behind them. Towing a large trailer adds another element to choosing the appropriate route to get to your destination. You’ll need more information on height and weight clearances/limitations, windy roads that aren’t safe for traveling with a trailer (so you don’t end up like this guy…), gas prices, proximity to the closest campgrounds, dump stations, and more. Two devices that we would recommend would be the RVND 7720 LM by Rand McNally or the Magellan RoadMate.  Both options will give you all the info you need to keep the stress level down on your next trip for around $350.
  2.        Smart RV – Smart RV is an awesome, web based platform that allows RVers to store and share information on their past trips with friends and family, get diagnostic information on your RV (i.e. battery life), and keep tabs on the geographic location of your trailer when you’re not in it to help prevent against theft. If you’ve been RVing long enough and have taken enough trips, it gets hard to pinpoint exactly where you’ve been, what you did when you were there, how you got there, etc.  Smart RV helps campers to relive those memories by storing the data in your account so you can plan the perfect trip in the future or to rehash old memories of past experiences.
  3.        iPad/Android Tablet – This may seem like an obvious one, but utilizing all of the great apps that are out there for RVing may not be. If you’re big on hiking and want to check out state and national parks that are close by, check out the Oh Ranger! Park Finder free app. Want all the information about a campground before you pull in? No problem, download Woodall’s RV and Camping Co-pilot to get all the info you need.  Check out this blog for some more great app downloads for your next trip.
  4.        Doran Tire Pressure Monitor – There’s nothing worse than having to waste time and money when you’re on the road to fix a flat tire. Make sure you’re ahead of the game with a digital tire pressure monitor. We recommend the Doran 360RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System which allows users to easily install the system and program the desired tire pressure for all the tires you wish to monitor. This nifty gadget will alert you via an alarm in real time if there are any serious issues with your tires that need to be immediately addressed.
  5.       Tekonsha Braking System – If you’re towing a large, heavy trailer, adding an electric braking system may be a good idea…especially if you’re taking long trips through the mountains or if you think there may be some inclement weather approaching. The Tekonsha P3 Electronic Brake Control System enables its owners to switch between electric and hydraulic brakes, comes equipped with 5 storable settings that are great if you tow multiple trailers, if the trailer you normally tow is carrying different load weights, or have people other than yourself driving on occasion.  The P3 system also has different levels of customized braking and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you’re on the road a lot, or want to be, invest a few dollars into making your life easier.  A small investment in some new RV technology can go a long way.


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