Best Ways To Find Free Local WiFi

One of the great gems to look for while on the open road is free WiFi. Free WiFi is about as valuable as you can imagine for those that are traveling, which is why many motorists will plan their trip around places that have hotspots. Unfortunately, not everyone prepares with the same due diligence.

If you need to get connected in a hurry, then you’ll need to easily find WiFi. To better help you locate all of those juicy free WiFi spots, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Use A WiFi Database

Before you hit the road, get online and look for a WiFi database. These consist of forums and networks that have been created by other people, like yourself, who want to get WiFi while traveling. These networks are always growing, and you can find a lot of different locations along the way of your RV trip.

Book In Advance

Having an RV means that you afford yourself the opportunity to stay wherever you want, in a bed that is most comfortable to you. However, there are still some people who enjoy the idea of getting out of their RV and staying in a hotel every once in a while out on the road. If you are one of those people, be sure to book a hotel that has free WiFi included in the amenities. If you are going to be paying to stay somewhere, it only makes sense to get the best amenities that you possibly can while you are there.


Be A Loyal Member

There are some big franchise chains around the country that offer free WiFi for loyal customers. So whether you are grabbing a coffee from Starbucks or getting your car fixed by AAA, be sure to find out what loyalty programs you qualify for when looking for free WiFi.

Search For Free Access

Some websites will offer limited access when you have a signal, even if it’s limited. For example, you may be able to shop around on, if you are shopping at an affiliate retail store.

Keep An Active Search Going

You might end up draining the battery on your device, but you can always choose to keep it open and look for free hotspots as you go. For example, there might be a local restaurant or even someone’s home who doesn’t have a password on their WiFi network, and you might be able to access it for yourself.

Just because you have hit the open road doesn’t mean that you can’t be connected to your most important online information. If you are looking for internet service while in you RV, be sure to consider these tips for finding free local WiFi.

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