Financing Your RV

Owning your own RV is something that many people strive to achieve during their lifetime. Unlike a permanent and stationary home, owning an RV allows for you to hit the open road and see places of the country that others will only ever dream of. For some, the idea of a life in retirement that includes a traveling partner, the open road, and an RV is enough to keep them going to work each day.

For many people, the idea of purchasing an RV also comes with the stark realization that you may need to consider financing options to purchase it. After all, your RV is likely going to be something that costs a bit of money, and financing it is often the best option to consider.

As you look to financing your RV, here are some things that you may also want to consider.


Plan Ahead

You can’t do enough research when it comes to buying something that often costs as much as a small home. That’s why it’s vital that you do plenty of research and look into as much insight as you can before you look to finance your RV. The more that you know before you look for financing options, the better equipped you will be to ensure that you get the best rates possible with your loan.

Some of the questions that you can ask include:

  • What’s your price range?
  • What events may happen in your life that could change your financial standing?
  • What sort of RV are you looking for? Does it need to accommodate a certain amount of people or terrains?
  • What sort of loan options do you qualify for? What else is available?

Don’t feel rushed to go through with your RV financing. This is a purchase that will have a large implication on your life, so taking the time to analyze your options will help you make the choice that’s best for you.

Call Your Insurance Agent

If you are financing your RV, then you will need to consider the type of insurance that you’ll need on the vehicle. In many instances, financing your RV means that you’ll also need to take out full coverage insurance as well. Your RV is a major investment, as well as a personal asset that you should look to protect. In addition, full coverage insurance may be mandatory in order to qualify for financing. Without insurance, you could end up owing the lender for the cost of the loan that was taken out.

Tell Your Accountant

In addition to calling your insurance agent, you may also want to consider calling your accountant as well. Purchasing an asset as large as an RV can have a big impact on your financial standing, and it could also affect your taxes. If you are unsure as to what changes the purchase of a new RV will do for your taxes, be sure to call your accountant. This is something that is often overlooked, but you want to be sure you don’t fall into that as well.


If you don’t have the savings readily available, it may seem impossible to ever consider owning an RV. However, financing provides those options through loans, making it easier for you to own something that will make for memories you’ll never forget. If you’d like to get the conversation started, the Finance Department at Crossroads Trailer Sales would be happy to answer any of your questions, or you can apply online today.