Charging Your Electronics: Battery Packs For Your Devices

Traveling has changed a lot thanks to electronics and mobile devices. That 30-minute commute to work can now be an educational lesson if you listen to a podcast on your drive. You can catch up on your favorite television series during that long 8-hour flight. Or you can simply read an ebook during some downtime on your lunch break. Whatever the case may be, you’ll never be very far from having all the entertainment you need right in the palm of your hands.

That is, until that entertainment is no longer available because the battery on your device dies. The truth is that a lot of these tech wonders have really poor battery life, which can make for a ton of headaches on your next trip. Luckily, here are some great battery packs for your devices that will help with charging your electronics.

Zilu Smart Power Portable Charger

You’ll see a lot of small devices on this list, but possibly none smaller than the Zilu Smart Power Portable Charger. This device is incredibly small, and perfect for charging a smartphone or tablet. However, it doesn’t always charge the device completely, which is just one of the only downsides to this product. Luckily, it makes up for in terms of portability and extended battery life.


Incipio OffGrid

If you are looking for sleek and portable, then look no further than the Incipio OffGrid. This battery is compact in size, but large in power. There are multiple different ports for you to hook devices up to, but all of which are USB. That means you won’t be able to charge a laptop or any other sort of large device. But if you are looking for a quick jolt on your smartphone or tablet, this is the way to go.

Poweradd Pilot

If you don’t care for the Incipio OffGrid, then the Powered Pilot is equally as small. With two ports and an additional power switch that allows users to divert the energy they are using, you can choose which devices you want to charge. The sleek silver exterior is also a great alternative to the darker skin of the Incipio OffGrid (perfect if you are looking to match with a lighter tech device).

Bestek Multi-Function Jump Starter

Bestek is new to the mobile charging industry, but their products are awesome. What’s really special about the Multi-Function Jump Starter is the rigid exterior. This is perfect for when you are throwing your battery in your backpack, but it also won’t be sliding around on slick surface areas, either. As for charging, it doesn’t charge your device as quickly as some other options on this list, but you will notice a complete charge within just a few hours.

UNU Ultrapak Tour

Might be harder to find something better than the UNU Ultrapak Tour. Despite the fact that it’s a bit larger than other devices on this list, it holds the most life itself. That means that you can charge all of your devices multiple different times, which can be a lifesaver when on extended vacations.

Don’t let your next vacation get ruined because you don’t have your favorite tech products. Instead, consider the options on this list for added juice.

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