Destinations: Fort Wilderness (Disney)

Everyone knows that Disney World makes for a wonderful family vacation. But what many people don’t know is that there is much more to do than just take a ride down Space Mountain or visit with your favorite Disney princess at the Magic Kingdom.

One specific adventure that is worth enjoying while at Disney includes taking in the fun of Fort Wilderness. Fort Wilderness is Disney’s own little jungle retreat, which will be a lot of fun for your family. What’s even better about Fort Wilderness is that it provides great accommodations for those that are driving to Orlando with their 5th wheel.

Here is a look at all that Fort Wilderness has to offer, and what makes it such an enjoyable place to set your GPS system to for your next family vacation.

RV / Trailer Hookups

As mentioned above, Fort Wilderness is ideal because it has a variety of different RV hookups that are perfect for those that are driving to Disney. While parking at Fort Wilderness, your family will feel like they are Tom Sawyer in an outdoor playland. And since there are plenty of hookups for your RV, you’ll have everything you need to keep your rig running at peak performance.

Easy Access To The Most Magical Place on Earth

While you’ll be able to do plenty within Fort Wilderness, don’t forget that you are also just a short tram ride away from the Magic Kingdom. It’s here that you can visit with your favorite Disney characters, ride all your favorite rides, and grab tons of souvenirs to remember the moment by. And since your trip to Fort Wilderness is part of the Disney package, you’ll be able to easily get back to your rig after a long day of fun and excitement.

Fort Wilderness

A Fully Encompassing Disney Experience

While you may look forward to seeing your favorite characters at Magic Kingdom, you’ll also be able to see them when they come to visit you at Fort Wilderness as well. As part of the bonus for those that stay at Fort Wilderness, they’ll get a more complete Disney experience because they are staying on the grounds.

Other Adventures in The Park

Throughout Fort Wilderness you will find plenty of fun activities for you and your family. Whether that’s heading out to fish on the pond, or playing volleyball on the beach, there are countless activities to choose from.

Driving your RV to Disney can save you a lot on airfare and accommodations. So if you are looking for somewhere special to stay, then head over to Fort Wilderness. This extension of Disney World will make for an unforgettable adventure that no one will forget.

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