How To Handle Stress While Driving

When you head out on the road for a nice afternoon drive with the top down, it’s easy to let things roll off your back as you avoid stress by all means necessary. But when you are driving a large RV or hauling your 5th wheel in rush hour traffic because you missed your exit 20 miles back, it’s not as likely that you’ll be as forgiving or calm. However, it’s equally as important that you do stay cool, as driving a big rig puts you at risk for a variety of different concerns.

To ensure your safety while on the road, here are some tips for how to handle stress while driving.

Know Your Stressors

There are a lot of things that might bother you, and other people simply don’t understand it. However, the shoe may fit the other foot as well. Keep in mind the stressors that you need to be aware of while on the open road. Do you hate it when other drivers cut you off? Or are you more someone who gets frustrated when a city is doing construction during a busy time of day? Whatever it is, understanding what makes you stressed will help you to avoid getting overly worked up during otherwise tense scenarios.


Talk To A Traveling Partner

You probably shouldn’t be out on the open road on your own to begin with, so you might as well use your traveling partner to your advantage. Tell them about what makes you stressed, and inform them that you just want to keep everyone safe while on the road. You can also ask that your traveling partner manages the other riders on board, so that you don’t have to divert your attention from the road to ask everyone to keep it down.

Prepare Accordingly To Help Avoid Stress To Begin With

It sounds easy in principle, so consider what you can do to avoid stress to begin with. Are you someone who habitually runs late and ends up stuck in traffic? Do you have a lot of family members that you have to account for? Are you going to be traveling to an area where there will be an increased amount of people? There are plenty of questions that you can ask yourself, as well as answers that you can find, that will help you avoid stress if you plan accordingly. If you don’t, then you really can’t blame anyone but yourself when something happens.

Keep The Bigger Picture In Mind

In the end, just remember why you are on a road trip. It should hopefully be so that you can spend time with your family, and make the most of your time on the road. Therefore, think of the destination and how happy you’ll be when you get there. If this doesn’t keep you calm, maybe a cold one once you reach your destination will.

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