Tips For Planning Your Next Road Trip

A road trip is the perfect opportunity to see the country like never before. There are few countries in the world that are as vast or diverse as the American landscape, making it the perfect place for packing up your car and hitting the open road. However, road trips can be a very different experience depending on the preparedness you put into your trip.

Sure, one could argue that a road trip is an experience that should be taken on as you go. After all, no cross-country excursion is complete without stopping to see the monuments and hidden gems that America has to offer. On the other hand, you’ll quickly learn that having some plan and direction will do you wonders in the long run for your trip.

Here are some tips for planning your next road trip to make sure everyone has a great time.


Plan For All Travelers

Are you a solo traveler who has nobody else to account for, or do you have a family of travelers that are coming along for the ride? The answer to this will have a big impact on how you go about your travels.

Those that are traveling alone will have no other concerns while on the open road. If they want to see something or stay somewhere that was not expected, they can do so if it works with their schedule.

When traveling with family or friends, you’ll need to account for everyone else that’s along for the journey. This might mean stopping more frequently at rest stops, or it could be hurrying back to make sure your kids can get to school.

Be Ready To Change Course

When heading out on a road trip, have a general direction that you plan on going. This might be an epic east-to-west coast journey that takes weeks, or maybe you’re just heading up to the closest National Forest for the extended weekend. Whatever it may be, having a general direction of where you want to go will help you save time, fuel, and frustration.

Even if you have a set destination, be ready to change course along the way. This is the best way to see the country and experience a road trip like never before. In addition, your family and other passengers will appreciate the opportunity to stretch their legs and see something neat.

Bring What You Need

You’ll want to make sure that you bring everything that you might need for the entirety of your trip. Those that drive their own RV or motorhome will be able to bring more items, but should still consider keeping it light to avoid higher fuel costs. You’ll quickly learn on your first road trip what things you need (and what you don’t), so keep those items readily available every time you head out.

Get Your RV Ready

If you’re traveling in your RV, be sure that it’s ready for the road ahead. Consider having it checked for maintenance and other services that may be necessary to keep it on the road. A few quick tune-ups to your RV before your next trip can help extend the life of your RV, which will help you enjoy your trip without the headache of being broken down in a unfamiliar place.

Before heading out on your next excursion, consider these tips for planning your next road trip.

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What Type of RV is Right For Me?

When you are in the market for a new RV, there are plenty of options to choose from. If this is your first time purchasing a rig, then the plethora of choices to select from may be enough to scare you away altogether. But when you consider how much more you’ll be able to enjoy road trips and vacations while in your own RV, it’s well worth doing a bit of research to figure out which kind of rig is best for you.

It’s time to add a new toy to your garage. Now let’s figure out what type of RV is right for you.

Towing Requirements

Unless you also plan on purchasing a new vehicle to tow your rig, you’ll want to consider what capabilities you have for pulling your RV. The great part about travel trailers is that they can be towed by smaller pickups, SUVs, and even vans. Anything with a hitch, you can likely hook up to a travel trailer.

Alternatively to a travel trailer, a fifth wheel will need something with much more power and oomph. In most cases, this means that you’ll need to have an extended-bed truck with a big engine under the hood.

As you begin to look around at different types of RVs, consider whether or not you have the towing capabilities to haul the rig that you are after.


Interior Size

The next factor that your family will want to consider is the size of the rig, as this can vary greatly depending on what you need. If you are traveling with just one other person, or maybe even by yourself, then a smaller travel trailer is going to be ideal. These compact units have smaller floor plans, which is perfect for those who aren’t traveling with their entire family.

On the other hand, those that are traveling with large groups of people will want to consider a bigger option in the way of a fifth wheel. Many fifth wheels can sleep 8-10 people comfortably, which is ideal for families making memories while traveling together.

Steering & Handling

A larger size will affect steering and handling, which are two other factors to consider when looking for the perfect RV. As you may have guessed, larger fifth wheels are going to be a bit more difficult to control while first adjusting. However, the more that you practice, the better you’ll be at controlling your rig – no matter which one you decide to go with.

Additional Factors

Before you jump on a fifth wheel or a travel trailer, you may also want to evaluate whether or not you need to get an extended toy hauler edition. Both fifth wheels and travel trailers come with toy hauler attachments. If you plan on bringing along even more toys, such as a few jet skis or even another vehicle, be sure to do the extra research into which hauler is best for you.

Your new RV will allow you to see the country in ways like never before. But with a few different options out there to choose from, consider the insight here fore finding the right RV for you.

Review: 2016 Forest River Salem 39FDEN

Those that are looking for a functional rig at an incredible price, should focus their attention on the 2016 Forest River Salem 39FDEN. This is such a beautiful unit, and it’s perfect for those that are traveling with six or fewer people.

Here’s a featured review of the 2016 Forest River Salem 39FDEN, a rig that is perfect to call your home on wheels.

An Immaculate Interior

Forest River goes to show that you can do a whole lot, even if you are limited on size. This rig is 40’x10’, which is common for your average travel trailer. However, what’s not common is how well designed the beautiful interior of this rig is.

When you firs walk in, you’ll immediately notice the attention that goes into even the smallest features. From the dark-wood flooring to the colorful backsplash in the kitchen, there is a ton of character throughout this rig. Even with all of the modern amenities that will be listed in this review, the Forest River Salem 39FDEN has plenty of traditional touches that will make your rig feel like home.

1_862_1614347_30252473Fun For Everyone

Work your way through the rest of the rig and you’ll be impressed with how spacey it feels. Even at just 10’, this rig doesn’t feel crowded at all. For those that love to entertain, having all that added space will be an appreciated touch for your rig. There also a double sided kitchen sink, new-angle shower, and large sofa seating area. You won’t be short on space anywhere inside of the Salem 39FDEN, which is great when you bring more people along for the ride.

Getting You Where You Need To Be

It’s not all about what’s inside that matters. Instead, you also want a rig that is going to be reliable in getting you to your next destination. What’s great about the Forest River 39FDEN is that its light and aerodynamic, making it easier for you to haul behind your vehicle. You will surely notice that you have to make fewer stops in-between fill ups at the gas tank, because the 2016 Forest River Salem 39FDEN has a design that will maximize your gas efficiency while on the road.

Entertainment For All

Once you get to your destination, pull at the massive 21” awning and you’ll expand the sitting area into the outdoors. You can then turn on the two outside speakers, which can be synced to a main audio source. Those that love to entertain will be ecstatic with how they can utilize the outdoor space around the 39FDEN nearly as much as they can the interior.

A Price For Every Budget

Last, but most certainly not least, you cannot beat the price of this rig. At under $50,000, that is an investment into a quality rig that will last for years. Forest River comes with a name that is synonymous with quality, and it just so happens that their travel trailers are affordable for any budget.

You’re going to love your next adventure, and it’ll be even more enjoyable when you are pulling along the 2016 Forest River Salem 39FDEN.

Crossroads Trailer Sales has been the #1 5th Wheel dealer in New Jersey for the last 9 years.  Our 10 acre lot features over 250 5th wheels, travel trailers, and toy haulers to choose from.  We are a family owned and operated business that has been proudly serving the RV community since 1988.  Please contact us for all of your 5th wheel and trailer needs.  We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for reading!

RV Fire Safety Tips

A fire in your RV would be a disaster for everyone. That is why it’s important that RV owners do everything they can to keep their rig safe from fire.

Think about how disastrous it would be for your family if a fire were to destroy your rig while out on the road. Not only would you have to deal with whatever your insurance company requires you to do in order to set up a claim, but you’d also need to find plane tickets to get your entire family home safely. If all of your clothing and personal items were inside the rig during the fire, who knows what other problems this might create for your family.

There are a variety of different scenarios that could occur to start a fire inside of your rig. To keep you, your family, and other travelers safe, here are some RV fire safety tips that you should always follow.

Talk To Your Family

The first thing that you should do before going out on vacation is to have a conversation with your family about fire safety inside of your RV. This is often a step that is overlooked by many families, but having this conversation can keep everyone safe. While talking about fire safety, go over things like creating an escape route, what to do in the event of a fire, and other tips on this list.

Maintain Your Appliances

The older your rig gets, the more you’ll need to maintain your appliances. Wires may start to fray, heating elements may begin to come loose, and other issues may occur to your appliances over time. Keep an eye on your appliances and avoid using them in the event that they aren’t working properly.

Properly Store BBQ & Campfire Equipment

No RV trip is complete without a BBQ. But before you load the campfire equipment back into the rig, be sure everything is ready to be stored. Even the smallest ember can turn into a flame, which would be a disaster for your RV.

Monitor Under The Hood

Just like you would your regular vehicle at home, keep your rig maintained under the hood. Keep up with routine maintenance, and see to any issues quickly to avoid bigger problems.


Fire Extinguishers

Keep at least two fire extinguishers inside of your rig. One of them can be placed in the kitchen under the sink and the other can be placed in a convenient location for easy access. Also, make sure your family knows how to use a fire extinguisher in the event of an emergency.

Detector Batteries

Check the batteries of the fire detectors inside of your RV regularly to make sure they are working. If you have other detectors, keep these batteries charged as well. By getting on a routine of checking all your batteries every six months, you can make sure they are always charged.

There are plenty of situations that could cause a fire in, or around, your RV. To keep you and your family safe the next time you are on the road, consider these RV fire safety tips.

Crossroads Trailer Sales has been the #1 5th Wheel dealer in New Jersey for the last 9 years.  Our 10 acre lot features over 250 5th wheels, travel trailers, and toy haulers to choose from.  We are a family owned and operated business that has been proudly serving the RV community since 1988.  Please contact us for all of your 5th wheel and trailer needs.  We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for reading!