National Dog Day – Pet Friendly RV Parks in NJ

A German Shepherd dog is camping at a campground with his owner, a man who is playing guitar in the background.

Happy National Dog Day to all you dog-lovers out there. As you already a know, a camping trip isn’t nearly as fun if you can’t bring along your furry family friend. So before you plan your next weekend RVing adventure, make sure your next camping destination can accommodate your RV and your pooch! Check out these Pet Friendly RV Parks: Continue reading

Brand Profile: Sundowner Horse Trailers


When it comes to horse trailers, Sundowner has made a name for itself as one of the best and most reliable brands around. With an extensive line of trailers including living quarter, livestock, car haulers, and more, Sundowner has been manufacturing top-quality horse trailers for over 30 years.

Crossroads Trailer Sales carries a wide variety of horse trailers from Sundowner to meet all the needs of you and your horses. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of trailers that will take your equine life to the next level.

Sundowner Charter

Sundowner Charter trailers come in a variety of sizes and come with a bumper pull hitch. These trailers typically come with large sliding windows in the horse area, dividers between stalls, and side access doors for each stall. The interior of the trailer is 7’6″ tall and each stall is 38″ wide. The all aluminum construction and floors are designed for long trips on the road, to and from horse shows.



The horse areas have a solid head and shoulder divider with butt bar and breast bar, as well as floor mats to keep your horse comfortable and healthy. There’s also plenty of room for your equipment, with a tack room including saddle racks, blanket bar, brush tray and rubber floor mats. Sundowner trailers also have a 3 year hitch to bumper warranty and 8 year structural warranty.

Sundowner Super Sport

The Sundowner Super Sport trailers come with a gooseneck hitch, all aluminum construction and rubber torsion axles with 4 wheel electric brakes. The LED clearance and tail lights are ideal for safety and easy travel at night. These trailers typically come in two or three-horse models, and horse areas include padded airflow head and shoulder dividers, floor mats, drop down feed windows, SunCoated rump walls and more. One of the most popular new models is the 2017 Sundowner Super Sport 3HGN, which comes with a double rear opening.


Sundowner Sportman

Crossroads also carries several Sundowner Sportman bumper pull trailers in a variety of sizes. These trailers have a slant load and generally accommodate up to three horses. We also carry a 4-horse model, the 2016 Sundowner Sportman 4HGN, which comes with a gooseneck hitch instead of a bumper pull.


The Sportman model trailer is 6’9″ wide and 7″ tall inside. The stall width is 39″ and every trailer has all aluminum construction and floors with pre-painted aluminum exterior skin. These models come with fully-equipped horse areas as well as front tack storage with locking doors, tack hooks, blanket bars, saddle racks and rubber floor mats.

Sundowner SunLite

Although it is no longer being produced, we also have a 2007 Sundowner SunLite gooseneck trailer available on consignment. This great trailer is 7’6″ tall and is designed to fit 4 horses. This model has a ramp rear opening and all the features that Sundowner became famous for in its trailers, including LED lights.


When you’re looking for a horse trailer, Crossroads Trailer Sales in New Jersey should be is your one-stop shop. We carry a huge supply of horse trailers from all the top manufacturers including Sundowner, Bison, Exiss, Shadow and more. We carry new and used units with bumper pull hitches, gooseneck hitches, and living quarter models. For all your horse trailer and RVing needs, make sure you visit Crossroads Trailer Sales, located in Newfield, NJ.




5 Tips for Buying a Horse Trailer

iStock_10259053_LARGEBuying a horse trailer is a big decision that impacts the safety of your equine charges, the ease and safety of your travel and, of course your wallet.  With thousands of models to choose from, at all price points, let your needs inform your decision with these 5 tips for buying a horse trailer.

The Right Size for Your Horse

Understand what’s right for your horse or horses. No matter how fancy a trailer looks, or what a great deal it is, if your horses can’t travel safely and comfortably, it’s not the trailer for you. Measure your horse or horses from tip to tail and shoulder to shoulder to make sure any trailer you’re looking at is a good fit. Your horse needs to be able to spread its legs and have room to use its head and neck for balance to travel safely. Measure your prospective trailer purchase to check for head room – remembering that trailers with curved roof may consider the peak of the roof the trailer’s height, while your horses head may be closer to the outside wall.  When checking the floor measurements, take into consideration wheel wells, which may steal some of your horse’s standing room.


The Right Size for You

The right trailer will not only be comfortable for your horse, it can be towed safely behind your vehicle, hold all the gear you need for your equine adventures, and be right for your lifestyle. With choices ranging from small single-horse bumper towed trailers to slant five fifth wheel living quarter models, understand, your needs and towing capabilities.  A bumper towed trailer is the simplest and least expensive horse trailers, but may not be up to the weight of your load and has limited storage. The lightest bumper towed trailers can be towed by a small truck of SUV.  A gooseneck trailer, which uses a ball hitch in a truck bed, offers a more stable tow and distributes the weight of your trailer across the center axle of your truck. Many have tack rooms and feed storage built in.  A truck outfitted with a hitch in the bed is required.  If extended travel is your plan, consider a fifth wheel living quarters trailer, where both you and your horse can travel and comfort and style.  These trailers have the most room for you and your horses, and can be outfitted with enough luxury to match to swankiest motorhome or just have simple living quarters. Fifth wheel living quarter trailers are the most expensive and generally require a heavy duty towing vehicle.


Safety First

Look for features that keep both you and your horse safe. If it’s a used trailer, keep an eye out for exposed sharp edges or protrusions and worn flooring. If it’s new, look for quality workmanship which will add up to safety: Sturdy walls, stout underfloor bracing and quality latches and gates. Look for a trailer with adequate ventilation: Windows that slide open and overhead roof vents are a must.

Choosing the Right Style

Before making a decision, know what style trailer is right for you:  Manger, walk-through or slant-load. While a trailer with a fixed manger may sound convenient (and the storage area beneath the manger appealing), the manger may be problematic for your horse, who may spend the day inhaling the dust and debris from the hay and feed right below him. The manger may also take up valuable space, inhibiting your horse’s ability to spread his legs and move his head.

A straight forward walk-through trailer may be the simplest choice. The horse walks on behind the handler, who keeps going through a full-size door at the front of the trailer. While space for tack and feed may be limited in smaller walk-through trailers, the design gives the horse room to brace himself, while giving the handler a quick escape from an unruly equine.


If you need to haul more than one or two horses, consider a slant-load trailer.  Perhaps not suitable for larger breeds, a slant load trailer makes it possible to haul more horses in a compact trailer.  Slant load trailers do have disadvantages: the wheel wells can take up valuable floor space and horses traveling on an angle may have difficulty absorbing the bumps and twists of the road.

Ramp or Step-Up Trailer

While step-up trailers are far more common, some horse trailers have an added on ramp.  While step-up trailers are industry standard, if safety is your priority, a ramp is safer for you and your horses. Make sure a ramp is easy to lift, spring assisted, and that there is only a tiny gap between the ramp and the trailer.

Explore the many options in new and used horse trailers at Crossroads Trailer Sales, New Jersey’s #1 RV and trailer dealer.