Most Popular Outdoor Rides For Your Toy Hauler

If you love being outdoors, then it only makes sense that you are going to have some of the best toys to make sure that your time is well spent. And if you are pulling a big toy hauler behind your rig, then you’ll have plenty of space for you to bring along all of your favorite toys.

Here is a look at some of the most popular outdoor rides for your toy hauler, so you can load up and ship out for an unforgettably fun vacation.

Jet Ski

Heading to the lake this weekend? If so, don’t plan to go without your jet ski loaded in the toy hauler. In a larger hauler, you can likely fit multiple Jet Ski units. So whether you are going to the lake by yourself or with the whole family, you’ll be able to load up the jets skis to hit the waves when you get there.


Maybe the water isn’t your thing and instead you prefer to stay on land. If so, then the perfect toy for your hauler will be an ATV. Not only will ATVs show you the backwoods and unpaved roads like you’ve never seen, but they also make it incredibly easy for you to get over a variety of different terrains.

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When the snow starts falling, be sure to bring your snowmobile along for the ride. Your hauler may need to be outfitted specifically to deal with cold weather, so keep that in mind before you hit the road. But once you load up, get ready to hit the fresh powder on your snowmobile.

Dirt Bike

Have a few 49cc motorbikes you want to bring along for the kids to enjoy? If so, you’ll have plenty of room for a couple of them in your toy hauler. Dirt bikes are great for the kids to enjoy during their time while on the road.


You won’t be able to fit a luxury cruiser in the back of a toy hauler, but you may be able to get away with a smaller boat. Consider your dimensions carefully, as you might be better off getting an open toy hauler if you decide to bring a boat for the weekend.

Dune Buggy

Like an ATV, a dune buggy lets riders explore previously untouched terrain. What many parents prefer about dune buggies, however, is that they are enclosed with roll cages. If you have younger riders that you prefer stay away from ATVs, load up your toy hauler with a dune buggy for everyone to enjoy.

Mountain Or Road Bike

Not all of your toys have to be motorized. Throw a few mountain or road bikes into your hauler and you’ll be in for a great workout once you get to your destination.


Another option for non-motorized toys include inflatable alternatives. From blow-up bounce houses to water trampolines, you can load up the toy hauler with a ton of inflatables.

No matter what you like to do for fun, you’ll be doing it once you get to your destination if you have a toy hauler to bring along any of the fun options on this list.

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