Review: 2016 Forest River Cedar Creek 36CKTS

Looking for a new fifth wheel that is large enough to fit the whole family, but sleek enough to keep fuel costs down? If so, then you are going to love the 2016 Forest River Cedar Creek 36CKTS. Forest River continues to impress, as they’ve now introduced a new model into their line of rigs that already receive excellent reviews with the Cedar Creek.

Here is a review of the 2016 Forest River Cedar Creek 36CKTS, a rig that is perfect for travelers of all types – no matter where your destination may be.


Interior Features

We love the exterior of the Cedar Creek 36CKTS and we’ll feature that here shortly. However, taking a look inside will quickly show you just how beautiful of a unit this is.

As you make your way to the back of the rig, you’ll find an oversized sleeping space that is perfect for two people. There are additional sleeping spaces in the form of another bed, as well as a pullout that comes from the couch. In all, you can comfortably fit a family of 8, or you could all get really close with one-another if you need to fit 10.

No matter how many people you’re sleeping, you’ll be able to make sure that everyone has a fully belly throughout the day. The kitchen in the Cedar Creek 36CKTS is just another mark on the already impressive list of features. There is a large microwave and stovetop, making it easy for you to cook anything you need.

Other key features inside include an oversized television for entertainment, a bathroom with enough room for two to get ready at once, as well as a rear backup camera for safety.

The moment you step inside the Cedar Creek 36CKTS, you’ll finally understand the meaning of luxury in a fifth wheel.


As beautiful as this 2016 Forest River model is on the inside, the outside is worthy of marveling over as well. The exterior paint is covered by a special protective layer, which means your rig will stay looking the way it did when you first got it for years to come.

We also really like how easy it is to hook up this unit to your truck. Having to mess with a hitch can oftentimes be tedious, starting the entire adventure off on the wrong foot. But with how easy it is to set the Cedar Creek into the bed of your truck, you’ll be off and on the road in no time.

Add in a sleek design that keeps the aerodynamics of your rig in mind, and you’ll also quickly appreciate the money you end up saving at the pump as well.


At under $60k, this is a steal for this rig. Even if you plan on just taking out this unit only a few times a year, you’ll find the investment to be worth it. But when you quickly realize how much fun it is to travel in your own fifth wheel (especially one that is as superior as the Forest River Cedar Creek 36CKTS), you’ll likely end up taking it out so often that you’ll surely get your moneys worth over the lifetime you have this rig.

There are a lot of fifth wheels to choose from. But with all that it offers, consider the 2016 Forest River Cedar Creek 36CKTS as one of the best options to choose from.

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