RV Fire Safety Tips

A fire in your RV would be a disaster for everyone. That is why it’s important that RV owners do everything they can to keep their rig safe from fire.

Think about how disastrous it would be for your family if a fire were to destroy your rig while out on the road. Not only would you have to deal with whatever your insurance company requires you to do in order to set up a claim, but you’d also need to find plane tickets to get your entire family home safely. If all of your clothing and personal items were inside the rig during the fire, who knows what other problems this might create for your family.

There are a variety of different scenarios that could occur to start a fire inside of your rig. To keep you, your family, and other travelers safe, here are some RV fire safety tips that you should always follow.

Talk To Your Family

The first thing that you should do before going out on vacation is to have a conversation with your family about fire safety inside of your RV. This is often a step that is overlooked by many families, but having this conversation can keep everyone safe. While talking about fire safety, go over things like creating an escape route, what to do in the event of a fire, and other tips on this list.

Maintain Your Appliances

The older your rig gets, the more you’ll need to maintain your appliances. Wires may start to fray, heating elements may begin to come loose, and other issues may occur to your appliances over time. Keep an eye on your appliances and avoid using them in the event that they aren’t working properly.

Properly Store BBQ & Campfire Equipment

No RV trip is complete without a BBQ. But before you load the campfire equipment back into the rig, be sure everything is ready to be stored. Even the smallest ember can turn into a flame, which would be a disaster for your RV.

Monitor Under The Hood

Just like you would your regular vehicle at home, keep your rig maintained under the hood. Keep up with routine maintenance, and see to any issues quickly to avoid bigger problems.


Fire Extinguishers

Keep at least two fire extinguishers inside of your rig. One of them can be placed in the kitchen under the sink and the other can be placed in a convenient location for easy access. Also, make sure your family knows how to use a fire extinguisher in the event of an emergency.

Detector Batteries

Check the batteries of the fire detectors inside of your RV regularly to make sure they are working. If you have other detectors, keep these batteries charged as well. By getting on a routine of checking all your batteries every six months, you can make sure they are always charged.

There are plenty of situations that could cause a fire in, or around, your RV. To keep you and your family safe the next time you are on the road, consider these RV fire safety tips.

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