Setting Up A Trailer At The Campsite With Video!

For those that own their own trailer, you’ll be able to see the country in a way that others only dream of. While traveling in a plane may help you get to your destination in a more expedient matter, driving allows for you to experience things that you never before imagined. Not only will you see deeper and more detailed parts of the country, but you’ll also have plenty of time on the open road to think about your experiences as well.

As convenient as it is to drive and take a trailer on a road trip, one concern that many people have pertains to setting up a trailer at a campsite. They think that this may be difficult, which may be the reason that they don’t have a trailer to begin with.

However, the great news is that most trailers are quite similar in terms of how they settle in. In addition, most campgrounds want to make things as easy on their guests as possible, which means you’ll be able to get things going without a problem.

Here are a few tips for how to set up a trailer at a campsite once you get to your destination.

trailer set up

Get Close Enough To The Hookups

The first thing that novice campers will likely realize with their trailer is that it takes a bit of practice learning how close to get to hookups. Therefore, before you take the keys out of the ignition and have the family unload, be sure that you are close enough to the hookups once you get to the campsite. If you’re not parked properly the first time, it could be a lengthy game of re-parking your trailer as you try and get the right distance away.

Disconnect The Trailer

Once you are the right length away from the hookups, it’s time to disconnect your trailer from the vehicle and chock the tires. This will help to keep everyone safe, and also prohibit the trailer from moving when it shouldn’t be.

Level Your Trailer And Put It On Jacks

Once you have disconnected your trailer, you’ll want to level it out and put it on jacks. Making sure that your trailer is level will help keep everything inside your unit safe, and putting it on jacks will help keep it that way.

Take a look at the video here to see more about how to properly set up your trailer once you get to a campsite.

Hook In To The Hookups

After your trailer is on jacks, go ahead and hook into the hookups that are available for your unit. This likely includes electrical and disposal hookups, which most parks will offer for their guests.

Set Up Additional Features

If your trailer offers additional features, be sure to set them up so that you can even better enjoy your time. This may include a satellite that you use to get cable television, or even side wings that will help keep you dry in the event of inclement weather conditions. Setting these additional features up will help you avoid having to do so later, which means you can get in and enjoy the rest of your camping trip.

Relax And Enjoy!

Once you have everything set in place and hooked up, then you can relax and enjoy your vacation. While setting up a trailer may look like a challenge at first, keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to easily hook up at any campground that you end up at.

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