The Best Apps To Find Gas While Traveling

One reason that many people choose to travel by car, truck, or just haul their trailer is because it is presumably cheaper than it is to fly by plane. However, if you aren’t careful, the money that you spend on gas could quickly add up. And with a bigger vehicle like an RV or motor home, the expenses that you’ve put aside for gas will be even more invaluable.

To make sure that you get the best deals while on the road, here are some of the best apps to find gas while traveling. Keep them loaded on your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll quickly realize they can save you hundreds, if not more, in gas costs.


Waze is intended to be a GPS application, but it can also be used for gas prices as well. That is because it is a user-driven database for GPS directions, as people also update information for accidents, police radars, construction, gas prices, and more. Waze also offers a system that rewards those who offer input, so you can get feedback for helping others!

Gas Buddy

When mobile apps first started becoming a thing, the team over at Gas Buddy realized they needed to make something for drivers. That is why Gas Buddy remains as one of the most well known and often used apps out there. This app uses gas prices from a local database that is uploaded by a community of users. You can also search your own gas by location, prices, or distance.

Cheap Gas Apps

AAA TripTik Mobile

Never hit the road without AAA, and the TripTik mobile app should be on your phone as well. This app provides for gas prices that can be sorted based off your presences, which is why you’ll use it most. However, the app also boasts a list of options that are sponsored by AAA, including hotels, attractions, restaurants, and more. When you start to tally up all of the costs that you’ll save on your trip, you’ll see why AAA is certainly worth having available.


Route4Me is worth having on your phone because it offers a ton of different handy uses. While you can find gas prices, the more useful part of this app includes being able to find the best directions to where you are going. When you can save your trip by 30%, which is the estimate that this app helps with, you’ll save a ton of money on gas.

Gas Manager

If you feel like you aren’t getting quite the mileage you should be, download Gas Manager as well. This program is perfect for tallying all of your vehicle’s vitals; including how much money you’re spending monthly on gas. This useful information can be very helpful when tracking your gas usage and looking to save money on a longer trip in your RV.

If you are looking to save money wherever you can when traveling, then be sure to have these useful apps on your phone for your next road trip.

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