The Best Camping Games For Your Family

In a day-and-age where it seems like everything revolves around our smartphones and tablets, you might start to feel like you are missing out on some quality family time. Even when you go out for a nice dinner or head to a movie, you can’t go very far without hearing the buzzing of cell phones to alert users of notifications on their devices.

One great way to get away from the constant commotion that comes with technology is to go somewhere that the WiFi can’t reach. In most cases, that includes a trip in your motor home to a campground. The question then becomes, what do you do at the campgrounds if you don’t have any technology to rely on?

The good news is – here are some of the best camping games for your family to enjoy while together.


Horseshoes is a classic game that doesn’t require much in the way of setting up. Instead, bring along your horseshoes, throw some durable stakes in the ground, and you’ll be ready to get things going for the whole family. What’s really great about playing horseshoes at a campground is the fact that you’ll have plenty of open space and soft ground for you to place your horseshoe stakes into.

Ring Toss

Another game, similar to horseshoes, is ring toss. Instead of throwing horseshoes at a single stake, however, players will take turns throwing two balls connected by a string at a ladder of rungs. The goal is to land the string on one of the rungs, so that the balls will spin around and safely land on the target.



Cornhole is a classic tailgate game that is equally as fun while camping. To play set up two boards at an angle, each with a small hole at the top. Then each team takes turns throwing a sack at each hole, getting a point for each successive toss.

Sing Songs

If all of these activities seem to be a bit too much, then you can sit around and sing song as a great way to bond as family while camping. You can even bring along your guitar or banjo to lead the singers with background harmonies.

Sporting Events

Got an old football lying in the back of your truck bed? Is there a basketball hoop just hanging around at the campgrounds? There might be tons of different camping options around you while camping, and all you have to do is look.

Other Games

What other games can you come up with? Keep in mind that your time camping should be used to get to know your family and really relax while spending time together. Therefore, consider coming up with your own games while camping. Not only will this make for a more enjoyable trip, but you’ll also have some very neat experiences that you’ll be able to share at each family gathering for generations to come.

For a great time that the entire family will love, be sure to check out some of these great camping games the next time you are out without technology.

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