Since it’s (finally) spring and we’re all itching to get out and start camping after this dreadful winter, we figured we’d give you some tips on how to get your trailer fresh, clean, and road ready! Giving your camper a deep cleaning definitely can seem like a daunting task, but it’s really important to make sure you give your RV some much needed attention both inside and out. Neglecting to keep your camper clean can ultimately lead to damaged paint, small scratches in the fiberglass turning into much larger scratches, and can just give your trailer an overall ugly appearance. Clean trailers are happy trailers!

Before you dive into this cleaning adventure, make sure you’re equipped with the proper tools for the job. You’ll definitely need wheel and tire cleaners, a good combo wash & wax solution for the exterior, window washers and squeegee’s, a wash brush (preferably with a pole that extends to somewhere around 7 feet), hose, bucket, vacuum, vinegar and baking soda (we’ll get to that later), some sponges and paper towels and you’re all set.

Start by cleaning the roof first and then begin to work your way down. If your roof is rubber like many travel trailers and 5th wheels, take extra care, as rubber roofs tend to be more porous and can be more difficult to clean. Start by sweeping the roof off and clearing any debris that may have accumulated throughout the winter months. Check with your local RV dealer to see if they carry cleaning kits specifically designed for rubber roofs that include both a cleaning and conditioning product. Using the cleaning agent, spray in small areas to focus on as opposed to spraying down the whole roof at once, and wipe in the cleaning solution with a soft wash brush in a circular motion. Repeat this over the entire roof and then hose it down. After this is completed, follow the same process with the conditioner (**Caution!! Make sure that the conditioner you’re using does not contain any harsh abrasives or citrus ingredients as they can seriously damage a rubber roof). Rubber roofs require a bit more attention than their fiberglass counterparts, so you may want to repeat this process a few times a year.

For the rest of the exterior, we recommend using a wash and wax combo product like Gel-Gloss RV cleaner. Most of these products, while being eco-friendly, will help kill two birds with one stone because they’ll clean up and give a nice waxy finish to your trailer at the same time. Another benefit is that solutions like Gel-Gloss will help to remove small scratches in the fiberglass. Bonus!

When cleaning the interior of the camper, make sure to be very careful about what kinds of cleaning products you use to clean the sinks and shower. Highly abrasive cleaners like bleach can potentially damage the water tanks and erode the seals of your pipes which could wind up being a way more costly project at some point down the line. Try using this all natural solution that will end up saving you a few bucks and protect your water tanks: mix ½ a cup of vinegar and a ¼ cup of baking soda into ½ gallon of warm water, stir it up and start cleaning! This concoction will serve as an all purpose cleaning solution that you can use on the interior of your shower, your countertops, stove, and just about any other flat surface in your RV.

Next, just vacuum your rugs, sweep the floors, remove any left over junk that’s in your drawers and cabinets and hit the road!


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