Traveling In Your RV: Kids Games While You’re Traveling

Packing up the trailer and heading out on the open road with your family can be a wonderful experience. Whether you have some time off from school or work, or you are just taking a quick trip for the weekend, you’ll be sure to make family memories that will last a lifetime during your vacation. However, the journey itself to get there may not be as enjoyable.

The truth is that kids can certainly be rambunctious when it comes to being cooped up on the road for many hours at a time. Even if they have a large RV to relax in and enjoy, cabin fever can set in just as much on the road as it can anywhere else.

Luckily, here are some kids games while you’re traveling that will be sure to keep everyone busy.

Card Games For Everyone

There are countless card games to play, and often cards are so timeless as they offer some of the most challenging and tactical gameplay. Typical card games may come to mind when you think of playing cards – War, Texas Hold-em, and Blackjack. But there are many other card games that will give you hours of fun. But to choose the right card games depends on how many people will play. For starters, one of the best, challenging games for groups of 4 people, is Hearts. This is a game where the object is to score the least amount of points, or gather the least amount of heart cards.

For groups of three or more, another game that offers a low scoring tactic is Golf, a card game where your low card score wins the game. Similar to getting a low score in golf, your choice in replacing cards in your hand can help you beat your opponents and win with the lowest score.

If you don’t have more than one or two people, you’ve certainly heard of Solitaire, but have you played double-solitaire? A simple, yet fun game of chance can be played for hours!

Card Games

Out-Loud Games

If you’re travelling colleagues are into a more vocal game, consider some of the more obvious games for kids like “I-spy”. But you’ll find these types don’t last too long as they’re not meant to be played for more than 10 minutes. One of the best games for the road is Twenty Questions; a game that requires the passengers to read what’s on the asker’s mind by asking no more than 20 questions. Starting broad and get specific is the goal of this game!

Looking for something more traditional? Board games such as Sorry!, Monopoly and Yahtzee are great substitutes to get out of going through all of the States and their Capitols, especially if you have room to set up a board.

Electronic Games

You may be looking for an outdoor adventure in your RV as a way to get away from technology or electronics, but you may also want to consider holding onto that mindset until after you reach your destination. That is because your kids can rely on their smartphone, tablet, or computer as a great way to entertain themselves while traveling. Whether they have a few apps that they love playing, books they love reading, or just music they can zone out too, having these electronic devices will certainly add to the fun of the ride until you reach your destination.

Your next family outing will be an experience that the entire family remembers for a lifetime. To ensure that it’s a positive one that everyone enjoys, consider some of the ideas for traveling in your RV and keeping your kids entertained with games.

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