Used Cargo, Utility, & Dump Trailers For Sale in Newfield, New Jersey

Used cargo trailers, utility trailers and dump trailers for sale in Newfield, New Jersey, at Crossroads Trailer Sales.

Cargo and utility trailers have many different uses and come in both open and enclosed models. Used cargo trailers are perfect for hauling equipment, furniture and outdoor vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles. Similarly, utility trailers can be used to haul almost anything. Short sidewalls and an open top are standard for utility trailers, allowing you to tow larger items, as long as they are tied down! Our cargo trailers and utility trailers for sale can withstand years of snow, dirt, rain, rust and more.

Used dump trailers are perfect for your job site. Dump utility trailers will do the heavy lifting for you – from sand and rocks for commercial landscaping to lightweight DIY work.

If you’re looking for used trailers for sale in New Jersey, Crossroads Trailers can help you. We’ll find the used trailer you need. Stop by to see what used cargo, dump and utility trailers we have for sale, or call us at (856) 697-4497

Our inventory changes consistently. If your search returned no results, we may have what you're looking for in-stock, but it hasn't been added to our website yet. For the most up-to-date information give us a call at 1-856-697-4497. We look forward to serving you. Thank you!!
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