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Sell, Consign, or Trade-In Your Used RV

We NEED Used RVs! Our inventory is moving fast and we need to restock! Do you have an RV you want to sell, consign or trade in? Crossroads Trailer Sales is offering top dollar for your used trailer or motorhome. It's a WIN-WIN for you and us! Please call the dealership at 856-697-4497 or fill out the form below to get started.

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Which one is right for me?

Sell Your RV

We can purchase your RV from your outright and then sell it on our lot. Because we aren't sure what we'll be able to sell it for, we have to pay conservatively. This is not the most lucrative option for you, but is the fastest form of payment.

Consign Your RV

Your RV gains exposure by being on our lot and included on our website & digital advertising. Once it sells, we handle the paperwork and give you a check. Less work for you and better profit than selling outright. 

Trade-In Your RV

If you want to purchase a different RV, trading in is the way to go! We will provide you a trade valuation to use towards your new or used RV.

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